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Empowering People Through Bicycles and
Bicycling Experiences

Text Box: PEDALIN’ H.O.M.E.
We are sorry that our pedalin' h.o.m.e. mission is no longer in operation.

The Huggins family has moved from this area so we have no experts to work with area folks on the bicycle mission.

Tandem Pedalin' H.O.M.E was part of H.O.M.E. Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to
keeping and enhancing the quality of life for low-income and homeless families.

Through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility,
h.o.m.e. aims to bring forth new possibilities for
food, jobs, shelter, low-income housing, education, and self sufficiency.
kidsfixin bike

Bicycling is a tool to develop social, vocational, academic, athletic, civic, and other skills.
It promotes community building through caring, inter-generational relationships.

Thanks to the Huggins family
Best wishes on your new missions and endeavors!